News from the shop

One of the challenges that people making grime guards has encountered is the shortage of elastic.  Yes, elastic has become the challenge to acquire because of all the face masks that are being made.  It has been interesting for us to figure out the different places where we might get the elastic that we like to use.  We have finally found a place that should be able to help us keep stocked with elastic, at least for the next while.

COVID-19 has impacted a lot of shops and part of the impact that is beyond our control is the postal systems, this has resulted in variable delivery times. It has been very interesting to hear that the number of parcels that are being shipping currently is more than normal during the Christmas rush.  I can understand, given all the online shopping that everything is doing right now.

Some good news, I have quite a bit of stock of fabric, so I won’t be running out of various fabrics that I will be using for grime guards. I am also happy that I have some different cardstocks ready for making thread drops, so now to work on making sure that I can get them ready to be added to the shop before too long.

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