A bit about my ETSY shop

I reopened my ETSY shop in October of 2017, and that was after a few friends and family encouraged me to try and seel some of the items that I was making. I had made a couple of items for friends, and that is when I decided it was time to see if I could make these items to sell on a broader scale.  Little did I know what I was going to be doing almost two years later.

After a discussion with my husband, we decided that an ETSY shop might be a good idea and we would start small, which we did.  I started out making a few grime guards and some project envelopes as I used them myself and figured maybe someone else would like what I made.  The shopping trip for the first lot of fabric wasn’t too bad, and we got what we needed, and I set off the make a few items and would see how things went.

Like all other ETSY shops, it takes some time to get discovered and actually start selling things but I was able to sell a few grime guards and a couple of project envelopes as well as a thread catcher that I also started to make, in the first couple of months, so I figured that was a pretty good start. After the sale of a couple of items, I felt it was going to work out, and that is when the fun began for both my husband and maybe.  See, my husband is also part of the production of the items as he helps cut out most of the items and then helps with the elastic on the grime guards and anything else that I need him to assist with.  He is also the one that now takes all the photographs of the items so that I can then put them up on the site.

This ETSY shop is a lot of fun for both of us as it means that we have time in the evening where we are spending time together but also getting something done.  We now have a routine when it comes to making the grime guards and even shipping items.  We share a lot of the duties, which means that we both get the enjoyment out of the shop.  The decision on a lot of the fabric has been a joint effort as he seems to find things that he thinks will sell and I have to admit that some of his finds are the ones that we sell out of first. 

ETSY isn’t our full-time business, and even for me it isn’t something I do full time, but it is something that I enjoy doing, and I am pretty sure my husband enjoys spending the time that he does helping me out with it. 

We are enjoying having the shop and enjoy finding new items that we can add to the shop.  If someone has an idea of something else that I could make and possible sell make sure you leave a comment and I will look into the item and maybe it will be something else that I add to the shop in the future.


I want to welcome everyone to this blog.  It is going to be where I will be posting about my ETSY shop and hilighting some of the items that I make and will be listing on the shop.

I also would like to show you some of the behind the scenes of having an ETSY shop as well as why I make some of the items and  how you can use them.